Hermann Steiner



Militärstrasse 76
CH-8004 Zürich
T +41 44 240 55 50
Direkt +41 44 240 55 08

Specialist for Occupational Safety and Health ASGS with Federal Certificate of Competence

After completing his vocational training as a carpenter, Hermann Steiner worked for several years in a large cabinetmaker's shop, where he was actively involved in the changeover to computer-controlled machining centres.

For the last 19 years, he has been responsible for infrastructure and security at a group specialising in assisted living for the elderly.

In addition to facility management planning, he was also responsible for security and coordination with the implementing bodies. During this time, he completed the training to become an EKAS safety specialist and SIBE fire protection specialist and graduated with a federal certificate. During these years, he was responsible for the Group-wide management of occupational safety and fire protection. In addition to preparing the necessary documentation, he was responsible for implementing the concepts and the associated training.