Alexandra Brand


Brunnmattstrasse 45
CH-3007 Berne
T +41 31 560 00 50
Direct dial +41 31 560 00 53

Certif. Physiotherapist/Disability management staff, c

After finishing her physiotherapy studies in Germany, Alexandra Brand worked in Switzerland, especially in the rehabilitation of people with chronic locomotor complaints and in work-related rehabilitation at Zurich university hospital. There she specialised in resilience determination (EFL, Evaluation of functional performance capability), work hardening and ergonomics (APA, workplace assessment).

She took various further training courses in the fields of counselling and case management. In-service training in person-centred counselling according to Carl Rogers, Swiss Association for the Person Centred Approach (May 2000). Case management for work in the health and social field, SBK and WEG (April 2004). Training in individual coaching at the Basel Further Training Forum (October 2005). Mindful body awareness and emotion regulation, Silvia Wiesmann and Thea Rytz, InselSpital Bern (June 2018). Over the last years, Alexandra Brand has increasingly dealt with the subject of mindfulness and this knowledge contributes to her counselling. As a long-term employee at AEH AG (since 1999, with breaks), Alexandra Brand works in the fields of FOMA (function-oriented medical assessment) and ErCoa (ergonomics coaching in the workplace).