Costantino Serafini


Rue Dr César-Roux 11
CH-1005 Lausanne
T +41 21 312 83 73
Direct dial +41 21 312 83 76

Head of Case Management Romandie / Case Manager / Mediator FSM/SDM / Counselling Practitioner ACP

After a CFC as a commercial employee, Costantino Serafini continued his studies and obtained the Diploma of Expert in Banking Economics, which allowed him to pursue a professional career of more than 20 years in the banking environment, notably as a director and then as Risk Manager.

After a professional reorientation, he initially worked as a trainer of banking apprentices, while in parallel he completed his pedagogical training. Afterwards he trained as a mediator and is member of FSM/SDM. Finally, he completed training for the person-centered approach (Carl Rogers) with the title of Practitioner Assistance ACP and is a member of PCA / ACP.

Costantino Serafini has extensive experience as a case manager for insurance and private companies throughout Switzerland and in the border regions. Beside working at AEH, he is self-employed on a part-time basis as a mediator, coach and advisor on psycho-social issues.

Zurich office (map)

Militärstrasse 76
CH‌-8004 Zurich

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Lausanne office (map)

Rue Dr César-Roux 11
CH‌-1005 Lausanne

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