Cristina Galfetti


Militärstrasse 76
CH-8004 Zurich
T +41 44 240 55 55

Case manager, Master of Arts in social and behavioural sciences

After her initial training as a tourism specialist, Cristina Galfetti worked in marketing in various hotels and as head of an events department. After her secondary education (Magister Artium in Social Behavioural Sciences), Cristina Galfetti gained project and consulting experience in health organisations. To achieve this, she trained further in systemic coaching, adult education and patient education. She has been working as a case manager since 2012 and accompanies ill and injured persons in complex professional and life situations. Her clients are employers, pension funds, insurance companies and disability insurance offices.

Cristina Galfetti has additional training in behavioural change (mental coaching). She has been working at AEH since 1.11.2019 and is mainly responsible for the regions of Eastern and Northern Switzerland in German-speaking Switzerland and supports the other regions in client care.

She has many years of experience in counselling clients from the following business sectors: education, public administration, health, social services, manufacturing, and retail. Languages: German, French. Oral knowledge of Italian.