Gina Auf der Maur


Militärstrasse 76
CH-8004 Zurich
T +41 44 240 55 50
Direct dial +41 44 240 55 58

Certified Pyschologist/CHM Specialist

After her studies in Applied Psychology at the University of Zurich (until 2006), Gina Auf der Maur worked as a councillor and project manager in the field of staff absence management (data collection, development of absence management, training). She has worked at AEH since 2014.

Gina Auf der Maur trains customer company managers and staff and gives industry courses on stress prevention and management, its consequences and the violation of personal integrity. She advises human resources and company managers in the field of psychosocial risks and supports them in the design and implementation of corporate health management, including staff surveys and absence management.On behalf of Health Promotion Switzerland, she carries out assessments on Friendly Work Space. She carries out evaluations of "Friendly Work Space" on behalf of Health Promotion Switzerland. She is also an accredited consultant for BGM with "Friendly Work Space" and for "Friendly Work Space Job-Stress-Analysis".

Her further training includes the violation of personal integrity (2016/2018), course design (2017/2018) and moderation (2009) as well as the use of survey tools in the field of load and stress analysis. In 2016, Gina Auf der Maur was asked by SECO to provide information on industry solutions for the implementation of the key issue of psychosocial risks in the workplace.