Scilla Donati


Via Ciseri 13A
P.o. Box 45
CH-6600 Locarno

Case Manager SP Ticino/Social Insurance Specialist

Scilla Donati qualified as a teacher and practised this profession for several years. After she completed a formation in the economic sector, she worked in public administration and managed a consortium of municipalities. Scilla Donati then worked for seven years as the cantonal director of Pro Infirmis Ticino. During this time, she completed additional training to become an apprentice trainer and examination expert. In the following four years, Scilla Donati was employed as a social counsellor in the cantonal administration in the field of social assistance. At the same time, she attended training to become a social insurance specialist and worked as an internal trainer on the implementation of new integration projects. During this time she also acquired a certificate in adult protection.

For the past ten years, Scilla Donati has been working as a case manager for insurance companies and private enterprises throughout Switzerland and in the border regions. She has completed additional training in the reintegration of sick people and ergonomic workplace assessment in rehabilitation. From October 2018 to June 2021, Scilla Donati held the position of Team Leader CM AEH. Since July 2021, she has been focusing on the expansion of CM in southern Switzerland and supporting the other regions in customer care.

Scilla Donati has many years of experience in advising clients from the following economic sectors: manufacturing and construction, trade, transport, health, postal/communication sectors, and banks. Languages: Italian, French, German. Oral knowledge of English.