Thomas Aerni


Militärstrasse 76
CH-8004 Zurich
T +41 44 240 55 50
Direct dial +41 44 240 55 01

Master of Science ETH in Movement Sciences, safety engineer

After completing an apprenticeship as a furniture maker, he received the high school diploma as an adult shortly afterwards (KME). He then studied at ETH, receiving his MSc ETH in Movement Sciences in 2006. He wrote his Master's thesis on office ergonomics with volunteers suffering from chronic neck and shoulder complaints but who were still able to work.

In 2007, Thomas Aerni received a teaching certificate in the field of movement and sports sciences (ETH). 

Since May 2007, Thomas Aerni has worked part-time in the AEH AG health & safety team. In 2007, he became a certified safety expert and in 2009, a safety engineer.