Tiago Reguengo


Militärstrasse 76
CH-8004 Zürich
T +41 240 55 55

CAS Case Management/ Federal Social Insurance Expert/Qualified Accountant

After completing a commercial apprenticeship, Tiago Reguengo first worked in the field of personnel recruitment before switching to the insurance industry and working for 7 years in the field of accident and illness claims. In this context, he also acquired the federal diploma as a social insurance expert.
In 2017, he changed employers and became an expert in insurance benefits for the treatment of complex accidents and illnesses. On the job, Tiago Reguengo completed higher education at the HETSL in Lausanne and obtained the CAS in Case Management in 2020. He then moved to the external service specialising in the treatment of accident cases to support policyholders and clients.
Tiago Reguengo has many years of experience in the treatment and assessment of all types of personal injury cases and in assisting sick and injured clients. He has a careful and analytical approach and is used to making independent decisions. Languages: His additional strengths are in the linguistic field, as he speaks Portuguese as a second mother tongue and has additional knowledge of English, which gives him an advantage when accompanying the relevant clients when working in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.