Healthy into the future

Your commitment to motivating working conditions and health expertise for all employees


In today's competitive work environment, it is essential to create and maintain safe and healthy working conditions for employees so that they can be productive and dedicated to their work. and your company remains competitive. At the same time, it is important to constantly foster the health competence of all employees. We can assist you in this endeavour.

Mastering challenges

reduce the number of absences, but you are not sure what to do to reach the best effect?
AEH's model maps the objectives and performance areas of holistic corporate health. Maintaining the health and performance of employees includes the following aspects:

WorkingConditions Absenteeism Health LegalRequirements Healthy, productive employees

Balance of load and resources through work design, ergonomics, supportive leadership and work culture.

Focal Points


Systematic corporate health management bundles all activities and leads to a holistic approach in favour to health in the company. It includes appropriate structures and processes for safety and healthy working conditions as well as adapted health promotion programmes and an evaluation of the target achievement.


The legal requirements for occupational safety and health protection are defined in various laws and regulations. By assuming your duty of care and legal responsibility for your employees, you as an employer supported by your management team, you are creating conditions to avoid unnecessary risks.


With a company absenteeism management system, loss of working hours can be effectively reduced. HR and managers are supported by structured assessments. Additionally employees are successfully reintegrated in the work process after long absences.


A company has a variety of options to promote the long-term health of its employees. Medical counselling and adapted health promotion programmes are fostering the well-being, motivation, performance and health of employees.


In today’s competitive working environment, it is essential to create a balanced working conditions considering resources and workloads of your employees. Managing this balance successfully enables you to remain innovative and productive as a company.