Promoting the health of employees


A company has a variety of options to promote the long-term health of its employees. Medical counselling and adapted health promotion programmes are fostering the well-being, motivation, performance and health of employees.

Master challenges

Medical care for employees is an important component of comprehensive health management. It includes the support of HR services and supervisors in questions of prevention, in aptitude or preventive examinations as well as in solving work-related health problems by our competent team of specialists.

With target group-specific programmes, training and campaigns, we sensitise and empower employees to take responsibility for their own health and to cope with stress.

Company medical services

We offer suitability and control examinations in the company or in our AEH practice for night and shift work and safety-relevant activities (driving, controlling,
working at heights, working in the track field, etc.).

Workplace Health Promotion (WHP)

We empower your employees to take responsibility for their own physical activity, nutrition and mental health. A selection of WHP programmes:

  • fit & healthy (health day)
  • Campaigns (e.g. 4 times)

We also offer courses for specific target groups on work-related related stresses and strains:

  • fit@pc
  • Positive stress management
  • Relieving back strain through correct working techniques

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