Reduction of absenteeism


With a company absenteeism management system, loss of working hours can be effectively reduced. HR and managers are supported by structured assessments. Additionally employees are successfully reintegrated in the work process after long absences.

Master challenges

Do you have employees who are absent for long periods or repeatedly for health reasons? Are employees present, but not fully productive due to health problems (e.g. headaches)? The team is burdened by accruing extra work? This burdens your company with productivity losses, absenteeism and extra work in personnel management.

Addressing absenteeism systematically

We help you and show you health risks in the company and how you can counter them. With a systematic approach, individual training and other prevention offers, absenteeism decreases and productivity increases.

We work with you to set up a company absenteeism management system (analyses, processes, roles, documentation and tools). As part of the introduction, we train your managers to recognise risks early and conduct return-to-work interviews. Our medical specialists and case managers provide needs-based services in the event of prolonged or unclear health-related absences or loss of performance.

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