Corporate Health Management

Corporate Health Management, occupational safety and prevention

Systematic Corporate Health Management (CHM) unites all activities to maintain and promote health, ability to work and motivation in our company. With appropriate structures and processes, safe and healthy working conditions are created in the company, absences are reduced and the health literacy of all employees is promoted.

In addition, we support you and your customers in specific areas of prevention and health promotion with analyses, workshops or training courses.

The AEH corporate health team has developed a scalable model and successfully implemented it a wide variety of companies in various industries. AEH thus supports companies in reaching systematic CHM: from the decision to introduce a CHM to long-term support and the achievement of the Friendly Work Space® label.

Zurich office (map)

Militärstrasse 76
CH‌-8004 Zurich

Phone:+41 44 240 55 55
Fax:+41 44 240 55 56

Berne office (map)

Brunnmattstrasse 45
CH‌-3007 Berne

Phone: +41 31 560 00 50
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Lausanne office (map)

Rue Dr César-Roux 11
CH‌-1005 Lausanne

Phone: +41 21 312 83 73
Fax: +41 21 312 83 75

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