Ergonomic coaching at the workplace (ErCoa)

Ergonomic coaching at the workplace

The goal of Ergonomic Coaching at the workplace (ErCoa) is to maintain or develop the ability to work at a new workplace through advice and support during reintegration with a focus on work, ergonomics and coping with stress at the workplace. ErCoa is mainly suitable for clients with illnesses or effects of accidents to the musculoskeletal system with or without additional psychological impairments. Prerequisites for an ErCoa are the possibility of a reintegration in a former or already existing new workplace. It is limited in time and particularly suited as a measure in the context of an ongoing Case Management or an early intervention measure of the invalidity insurance (IV). Typical clients are Case Managers or integration coordinators at social security or private insurance companies or other companies (possibly with support from the invalidity insurance). Invoicing will be based on a prior individual offer. 

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