Occupational health and safety

Your commitment to safe and healthy workplaces


With your leadership team, accept your duty of care as an employer and your legal obligations towards your staff and avoid unnecessary risks.

The principal challenges in the field of occupational health and safety are concentrated in a handy safety system (ASA). This is a practical tool for you and your safety specialists in order to continually improve safety and health within your company.

At AEH, we advise and support you on the following subjects:

Risk analysis and hazard identification
Involvement through ASA of occupational physicians and occupational safety specialists (ASA)
Handling of hazardous materials
AEH corporate health experts offer comprehensive knowledge of occupational health and safety. The team consists of occupational physicians, occupational hygienists, safety engineers, ergonomists and occupational psychologists.

We are always available to provide detailed analysis and advice.




Are some tasks in your company linked to particular hazards? Are you lacking the necessary specialised knowledge for occupational health and safety? As an employer, you are obliged under FCOS guideline 6508 to implicate occupational physicians and other occupational safety experts (ASA).


“Each accident and illness can lead to serious consequences for the staff and company and reduce resources. AEH showed us where there was need for action in our company.”


“Chemical, biological and physical risks are verified with the support of AEH corporate health experts and the working environment is designed accordingly. Dust, air contaminants and even noise are no longer a risk. Lighting, indoor climate and acoustics are designed and optimised so there is no premature tiredness or eye irritation.”


“In our field, with extremely high competition, a changing market environment and a constantly and quickly changing working world, preserving the health and ability to work of our employees is a big challenge.”


“Since we have transferred production from conveyor-belt to island production, we have been able to increase productivity by over 25%. With simple optimisation and targeted staff training, concrete improvements were also achieved in the remaining conveyor-belt production. The AEH corporate health experts made a substantial contribution through their knowledge.”

Focal points


The Swiss healthcare sector is one of the best in the world. Price pressures and social and demographic changes are nevertheless important challenges. High standards can only be maintained in the long term if enough healthy, motivated and well-trained staff can be found and retained.


As the managing team of our construction company, we are in charge of minimising accident and illness-related absences as much as possible and in particular of implementing the high safety requirements on our construction sites.