ASA efficiency


Take your duty of care and legal responsibilities seriously with a security concept suitable for your company. Avoid unnecessary risks.

AEH corporate health experts offer complete knowledge for occupational safety and optimal health protection. We support you in the development and implementation of your individual safety concept or supra-company solutions.

Industry solutions

By means of an industry solution, an organising institution (industry federation, community of interests) provides its members with an industry-specific, cost-effective safety concept. With the industry solution managed by AEH and additional services, affiliated companies can efficiently implement the provisions of FCOS guideline 6508.


Safe and health-conscious behaviour requires knowledge and ability. All staff must be informed according to their level and trained for their field of activity. We support you, for example, with a 2-day “Basic occupational health and safety knowledge” course (in German only).

We are always available to provide a detailed analysis and evaluation of your training needs.