Construction - Health and Safety


The AEH expert team systematically verifies the fulfilment of provisions concerning occupational safety, in particular on your construction sites. AEH makes an important contribution to the avoidance of professional accidents and illnesses through this activity and thus contributes to the success of your company.

ASGS construction site verification

The AEH team shows you during the ASGS construction site verification if and how the legal safety provisions can be implemented on site and in what areas there is still a need to act. Safety deficiencies are photographed and documented. The customer can thus warn the company and individuals responsible for the relevant deficiency. The quality of occupational health and safety on construction sites is increased in the long term.

Ergonomics counselling

AEH experts support you from the needs analysis and the design of possible plan acceptance processes to the equipment of workstations with ergonomic and safety know-how.

Early detection and reintegration

The AEH corporate health team supports your HR supervisors and affected individuals within the framework of corporate health management in the early detection of health problems and contributes actively to the successful reintegration of employees. From medical support, staff assessment or absence management to case management - an efficient way of reducing absenteeism in the long term within the company.

Healthy ambient air

In occupying new spaces or when unspecified complaints such as headaches, nausea, irritation of the upper respiratory tract emerge, it can be useful to evaluate the ambient air quality. We support you in sampling, assessing complaints and measuring possible contaminants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, mould spores, Radon, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, etc.

AEH corporate health experts offer complete knowledge for occupational health and safety. The team consists of occupational physicians, occupational hygienists, safety engineers, ergonomists and occupational psychologists.

We are always available to provide detailed analysis and advice