Healthcare sector


Corporate health management in the healthcare sector. We support care-giving institutions and other organisations in the preservation of the productivity and health of staff and thus contribute substantially to countering their shortage of skills.

Occupational health and safety

With the industry solution Artiset Securit and in many affiliated institutions, AEH has been the leading competence centre for many years for occupational health and safety. Our team of experts will be happy to support you, from the evaluation of risks to campaigns and company training.

Corporate health management

Do you want to develop your corporate health management systematically and implement it in a target-oriented manner? The AEH expert team is at your disposal with its many years’ experience and an established model. The AEH model has been adapted to the specific needs of very different companies and implemented successfully. The implemented management system (certifiable) helps companies to promote the health of their staff efficiently and in a goal-oriented manner and to reduce absenteeism within the company.

Early detection and reintegration

As an integrated element of corporate health management, we support HR, supervisors and those affected in the early detection of health problems and the support and reintegration of employees. The AEH corporate health experts are gladly available for medical support, the assessment of your staff, advice on absence management and case management.

Healthy backs in nursing

Stresses to the back are relevant in nursing and lead to a high level of absenteeism and a high rate of people dropping out of the profession. A suitable programme with organisational measures and training helps to reduce stresses and complaints. The AEH team supports you with the design and implementation of programmes for the reduction of back problems.

AEH corporate health experts offer complete knowledge for corporate health management. The team consists of occupational physicians, occupational hygienists, safety engineers, ergonomists and occupational psychologists.

We are always available to provide detailed analysis and advice.