Dr. sc. nat. Tanja Vitale


Militärstrasse 76
CH-8004 Zurich
T +41 44 240 55 50
Direct dial +41 44 240 55 04

Degree Dr. in Natural Sciences ETH/ Safety Engineer

After her natural sciences studies at ETH, specialising in environmental hygiene, Tanja Vitale received her doctorate from the Institute for Hygiene and Occupational Physiology in the field of psychotoxicology (the influence of solvent exposure on physiological functions such as balance, reaction times, short-term memory, etc.). She started working at AEH in 1998. At first, she continued research at ETH at the same time, but in 2002 she gave this up to work full-time at AEH. In 2000 and 2001, she underwent further training as a safety engineer under the German ordinance on rail link approvals (EigV) and within this framework is in charge of operational group, industry and model solutions, as well as of individual companies in the field of occupational safety and health protection.