Occupational safety


AEH corporate health experts offer complete knowledge for occupational safety and health protection. Optimal working conditions and exemplary actions are important conditions for lasting commercial success.

Safety audit

The AEH safety audit documents in a target-actual comparison of how safety-relevant provisions are implemented and where there is need for action within the company. We also verify whether your safety concept meets the provisions of FCOS guideline 6508.

Professional risk evaluation

We inform you of potential risks in your processes, activities or within a specific field of activity. Our experts develop measures to reduce risks and protect staff. The AEH risk evaluation is particularly suited to specific questions such as, for example:

  • Recertification of industry solutions
  • Maternity protection
  • Working alone

Systematic hazard identification

Hazards and stresses in the company must be identified systematically and
relevant preventive measures taken on this basis.
AEH offers a neutral, external point of view: the inclusion of external ASA specialists
from the AEH expert team guarantees you an effective, professional approach without a blinkered attitude.

Attitude towards hazardous materials, dangerous goods safety advisers (DGSA)

Do you use or store dangerous materials in your company, eliminate toxic waste or transport dangerous goods? Are you aware of legislation in this area? AEH corporate health experts offer comprehensive services. From analysis and advice, the design of a hazardous materials concept, to the carrying-out of tasks as external dangerous goods safety advisers (DGSA).

Targeted campaigns

Campaigns are very well suited to broaching the issue of health and safety protection focus points within the company and to launching optimisation measures. AEH supports you with targeted campaigns or individual initiatives for your company.
We are always available to provide detailed analysis and advice.