ZAFAS - certified working ability assessors


All ZAFAS and FOMA assessments are carried pit within the AEH expert team by SIM certified ZAFAS and medical experts or under the supervision of our medical director, who contributed to the development of the ZAFAS concept throughout Switzerland in the context of Swiss Insurance Medicine and also contributed to the drafting of the expert report guidelines. Both assessments are suitable in the context of second opinions in insurance medicine, related to absence management or of early detection.

Target groups:

  • Daily sickness benefit and accident insurance companies
  • Social security insurance
  • Companies of various sizes and industries

ZAFAS (work ability assessment)

A ZAFAS assessment is an analysis of the situation carried out by a specialised physician with additional training in insurance medicine following the SIM concept and a standardised report.

When is a ZAFAS assessment suitable?

  • In unclear or unstable medical situations
  • In case of rather limited physical requirements at the workplace
  • In a company context

FOMA (function-oriented medical assessments)

The FOMA (© AEH) is a specialist medical examination involving an EFL (Evaluation of Work-Related Functional Performance), which is carried out jointly by the specialist and an EFL therapist over two consecutive half days; results are summarised in accordance with a standardised reporting format.

When is a FOMA particularly suitable?

  • Health problems, predominantly in the musculoskeletal system
  • Increased physical requirements on the job
  • Chronic rather unspecific pain (bidisciplinary in cooperation with a psychiatrist)
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