Marion Krüsi


Militärstrasse 76
CH-8004 Zurich
T +41 44 240 55 50

Specialist for general medicine

Marion Krüsi is a specialist in general internal medicine. She completed her doctorate in 2014 in the field of metabolic physiology. During her specialist training, she worked in internal medicine, endocrinology/diabetology and child and adolescent psychiatry. She then worked as a specialist in an emergency practice and as a senior physician in the Cantonal Medical Service at the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich.

With her training in internal medicine, including metabolic diseases, and experience in psychiatry, Marion Krüsi has been contributing her expertise to AEH since January 2022. Her main areas of work include prevention and health promotion and psychosocial stress in the workplace.
As an extension of her qualifications, she acquired the licence for level 2 traffic medical examinations in 2022. She is also currently completing the further training "Work and Health" of the Swiss Society for Occupational Medicine SGARM and the CAS "Health Psychological Lifestyle Change and Mind Body Medicine" of the University of Zurich.